Sensoworks is a young start-up, founded in 2020 as a spin-off of GreenVulcano Technologies, an italian 20 y.o. experienced system integrator.

We have built this project with the main goal to support companies in their journey toward the digitalization and in particular to help companies raise the correct infrastructure, focus their IT effort given the aims and choose the proper products for the budget and ambitions to achieve.

We have found out a great answer on the market, strong relationships that helped us to work with great companies into large international projects.


GreenVulcano is a software company, proudly ‘Made in Italy’, with more than 20 years of integration expertise and a passion for innovation. They’ve a mission imprinted on their name: to create a veritable eruption in enterprise markets with innovative IOT solutions and integration products.

Our mission

Our mission is to work hard to develop the best product for monitoring human infrastructures, design it to be intuitive for each and everyone working in a company, and communicate it fiercely, to reach everyone out there.